Born in flames

March 2, 2010

It has nothing to do with me or video games but I just wanted to make a movie recommendation. You should check out Born in Flames.

Its set in the near future (or alternate past now depending on your perspective) and shows the struggles of a group of United Statesian feminist revolutionaries against the institutionalized sexism, racism and classism of their countries now ten year old socialist (in name only) new government.

Its kinda dated (not so much in plot but definitely in its production), its very blatantly made for cheap, the acting really sucks at times, and despite its rather simple and easy to follow plot the way its edited and presented makes it seem almost in a way a little bit incoherent. But it benefits from all of that. Its made better by its flaws. Its more real and interesting and different. I’m not going to pretend that its the kinda movie that everyone will like but if you do like it then you will love it.

You can find it over at amazon (its the rare type of movie that I would actually consider worthy of paying for) or if your less inclined to comply with copyright laws then you can grab a download of it over at stagevu.

Go watch it. Now!