Wii homebrew reuploads

March 14, 2012

You’ve probably noticed that a LOT of the links around here have died. To rectify that I’ve begun uploading all of my stuff to PlatonicRobot. You can now go there to find the most recent versions of everything I’ve ever released for Wii.

1bit Invaders v2.1 for Wii.rar
Avoidance v1.1 for Wii.rar
Cascade Beneath v1.0 for Wii.rar
Cherophobe v1.0 for Wii.rar
Cubicle Shooter v0.3 for Wii.rar
Cylinder Dodge v1.0 for Wii.rar
Dance Clone v0.5 for Wii.rar
Dont Get Crushed v1.0 for Wii.rar
Elongated Reptile v0.1 for Wii.rar
Gambol v0.2 for Wii.rar
Goodbye World v1.1 for Wii.rar
Gravity Glide v1.2 for Wii.rar
Hero City v0.5 for Wii.rar
Hypno Blast v0.2 for Wii.rar
Maze Generator v1.1 for Wii.rar
Neo Tanks v0.2 for Wii.rar
Neo Trail v0.1 for Wii.rar
Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.1 for Wii.rar
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.1 for Wii.rar
Sketch Fight v0.2 for Wii.rar
Slime Roll v0.2 for Wii.rar
Super Pixel Jumper v1.1 for Wii.rar
Swingball v1.1 for Wii.rar
Swingball2 v0.4 for Wii.rar
That Other Pong v2.1 for Wii.rar
The Catachthonic v0.9 for Wii.rar
The Jarred Mind3 v1.0 for Wii.rar
The Unmapped Forest v0.2 for Wii.rar
The Untitled Project v0.3 for Wii.rar
The VideoGame v0.2 for Wii.rar
They Do Not Die v1.0 for Wii.rar
They Do Not Die2 v0.7 for Wii.rar
Three Point O v1.1 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Boat Race v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Car Race v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Tank Fight v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Zombie Shooter v1.0 for Wii.rar
Time Frack 2D v0.1 for Wii.rar
Transitory Vectors v1.0 for Wii.rar
Two Point Five v1.1 for Wii.rar
UFO Racer v0.3 for Wii.rar
We Are Nowhere v0.2 for Wii.rar
Winters End v1.0 for Wii.rar

My bad.

February 9, 2010

Dunno how I did it or how I didn’t notice it but anyways I just realized that time rewinding doesn’t seem to be working in the GP2X copy of Time Frack that I posted two days ago. Its probably something really simple but I’m not really feeling particularly motivated to fix it, test it and upload it right now. I’m lazy lazy. The PC version seems to work fine and presumably the Wii one does also. For anyone who really wants it fully functional for GP2X let me assure you that you aren’t missing out on anything. Even with time rewinding its still at this point really just a kinda simple demo and not so much a game.

Time Frack 2D – now with source code

February 8, 2010

Alright here is everything you need to compile Time Frack 2D for windows (I even included the Microsoft Visual c++ express project file and some other stuff that you dont really need) and since its using SDL and little else it should be little to no work at all getting it to compile on pretty much any other platform. The Wii and GP2X versions each had some minor changes but where effectively the same. I’ll upload everything I’ve got for them also if anybody want em.

Warnings: Along with the game just being incomplete there is some stuff in there that I am fully aware of being stupidly and inefficiently written that I didn’t get around to fixing. On top of that I’ve never worked with anyone before or even gotten any kind of real commentary on any code I’ve written before so I’m probably doing other things unconventionally or just plain stupidly that I’m not even aware of. Also there isn’t much in terms of comments in the code to explain what things are doing but I dont think its horrible unorganized or dense either so it presumably wont be difficult to read and edit.

Anyways feel free to ask any questions you have or make any kind of requests and I’ll do my best to help. All I ask is that if you post an updated version or lightly modified version or whatever of it somewhere that you mention it and link back here at some point and similarly it would be cool if you posted about it in the comments here so I can see what you’ve done with it.

Download links for source code

Time Frack 2D – still hardly a game

February 7, 2010

I know it took a lot longer then it should have for such a small update but here it is. I added enemy characters and and you and them can both be pushed around and they disappear if you shoot them. The Wii version and now the PC version also both visually scale up the game nearest neighbor style the same way that Revolt of the Binary Couriers did well the GP2X version still uses the original 320×240 untouched image since that is what the systems screen resolution is anyways. Aside from that its the same.

Controls for PC and GP2X are the same as before and for Wii you hold the controller sideways (NES style) and use the d-pad to move side to side, the 2 button to jump, the one button to shoot and the plus and minus buttons to speed up and slow down time.

I’m not sure when I’m going to work on this again. It is something that I really want to make but I think I’m going to focus on They Do Not Die for now. I know I’m a horrible person and I never end up working on the shit that I say I’m going to do and I should finish this game and blah blah blah but hey that also means that I might end up switching back to working on this sooner then I plan to which is kinda a good thing right?

Download links for GP2X version

Download links for Windows PC version
Download links for Wii version

Time Frack 2D

January 31, 2010

So I’m making a 2d platformer / shooter for GP2X with the ability to slow down and rewind time. Its sorta based on that other 3d game/demo/thing I did of the same name (which was a rip off of all the ideas of TimeShift which was in turn just somewhat a product of how cliche and common time controls have become… Hooray for derivative non originality!) minus one visual/spatial dimension. This one should hopefully reach a higher point of completion though and actually be something that can be called a game. Currently its far from done but the basic movement, shooting and time controls are functional. As I said it is being made primarily for GP2X (its actually being made primarily so that I have something to make primarily for GP2X lol) but there is and will be PC versions of it and I’ll probably port it over to Wii at some future point in time.


The bar at the bottom of the screen shows how fast time is progressing. If its to the far right then its moving forward like normal, if its in the center then its paused, if its to the far left then its rewinding at normal speed and if its somewhere in between then obviously its moving at a speed somewhere in between (ie 1/8 between the center and the right side means that time is moving at 1/8 speed). The bar at the top of the screen shows your position on the time line. You cant rewind past when the game began.

GP2X controls

d-pad/joystick – move left or right
X – jump
A – shoot
L – slow down time
R – speed up time
Start/Select – exit the game

PC controls

WASD/arrow keys – move left or right
Space – jump
R – shoot
Q – slow down time
E – speed up time
Just close the window the exit…

Download links for GP2X version
Download links for PC version