Cherophobe v1.0 – DS

May 25, 2011

Here is a port/remake of Cherophobe for DS. Like its original Wii/PC version it has been made for the GBAtemp Homebrew Bounty.

Cherophobe is an original FPS in which you must defend yourself against the unending assault of smiley faces. For every Smiley face that you defeat you will be rewarded with ten points (the high score is automatically saved when you die). Your health drains away when a smiley face is too close to you and when you run out of health the game restarts. Scattered around the environment are health packs which will raise your health. There are also boxes containing additional ammo. Like the smiley faces the health packs and ammunition will infinity re spawn but always in random places that are out of view so you will need to continue wandering around the map to find them.

Use the directional pad or the A/B/X/Y buttons to move
Use the touch screen to turn
Use the L or R buttons to shoot

I’m considering this done. Unless someone finds something broken about the game then you shouldn’t expect to see any updates to it until after the competition. I’ve already spent more time on this then I probably should have.

Download the DS version

Nintendomax DS Dev Compétition 2010

January 31, 2011

The results are in for the Nintendomax DS Dev Compétition 2010.

In the end there where a total of thirteen entries and two of them where mine. My game Multi View came in fourth place and my other game Dont Get Crushed came in tenth. I’ll admit that I was hoping that one of them might make it into the top three. If I had gotten some music or sound effects into it maybe Multi View would have made it… But I’m happy with the results. Fourth place isn’t bad considering that I never fully completed the game and was totally new to developing for the platform when I made it.

It was fun competing and learning how to code homebrew for DS. I would just like to applaud all of the other competitors on the great quality of their submissions and congratulate Sverx, Smealum and Relminator for winning.

I’m looking forward to participating in any competitions that Nintendomax has in the future.

CycloDS iEvolution

January 27, 2011

DSi has been out for a while but until now it hasn’t really been possible for homebrew developers to take advantage of it. Although there have been lots of flash carts that work with DSi they all run in regular DS mode. That means that they can’t use the new stuff like the cameras, extra memory, or improved processor speed.

So that’s where the iEvolution comes in. It is the first and only cartridge that will allow for actual DSi homebrew.

And the nice people that comprise Team Cyclops where awesome enough to send out free pre production samples not only to review sites but also to a bunch homebrew developers including myself. I haven’t been able to use it yet (waiting for its firmware to be posted) but mine arrived in the mail this Tuesday and I’m totally psyched about it. Thanks, Team Cyclops.

Sorry if that came off sounding too much like and infomercial.

Edit: The firmware went up almost as soon as (or perhaps even slightly before) I made this post. I’ll talk about it later once I’ve had more time to mess around with it.

Then in a crazy coincidence of timing immediately after getting it setup and testing it I decided to head over to gbatemp to discover that the use of carts may not actually be necessary for DSi much longer.

Its amazing how a closed system like DSi remains closed for so long only to be broken open simultaneously by two unrelated exploits that where arrived at completely independently of one another.

Multi View v1.0 – DS

December 30, 2010

Its getting REALLY close to the deadline. Here is one final update to Multi View.

I added a title/menu screen. There are now three levels to choose from (one of which is randomly generated). You can press start at any time t return the the menu. I improved the collision system. I added touch screen controls for turning (although the game is still intended to be played primarily with the directional pad and the A button). Did some other little stuff but I think that’s everything notable.

Download the DS version

DS emulation with Dont Get Crushed

December 28, 2010

I’ve done a small update to my DS game Don’t Get Crushed (I’ll post it later today) and I decided to test it with all of the major DS emulators to see how they differed from playing the game on an actual DS (using a DSiXL with R4i RTS). Here is what I found.

No anti-aliasing.
High score isn’t saved.
Everything is darker then it should be.
Some slight flaws in the rendering of textures (the top pixels of the text is clipped off).

No anti-aliasing.
High score isn’t saved.
Touch screen controls don’t seem to work making the game unplayable.

High score isn’t saved.
Both screens flicker well displaying the competition splash screen (this could be the result of my computer being underpowered as the game runs incredibly slow for me in this emulator).
Touch screen controls don’t seem to work making the game unplayable.

DS iDeaS
No anti-aliasing.
High score isn’t saved.
The top screen flickers at all times.
Multiple flaws in the rendering of text.
Touch screen controls don’t seem to work making the game unplayable.

It just sits at a black screen. Doesn’t work.

DualiS DS
It crashes immediately. Doesn’t work.

in the end Ensata renders the game the most correctly (it has problems of flickering but its the only one to support anti-aliasing and it flawlessly renders all of the textures) but NO$GBA is the only one that the games touch screen controls work with making it the only one that the game is actually playable with.