Wii homebrew reuploads

March 14, 2012

You’ve probably noticed that a LOT of the links around here have died. To rectify that I’ve begun uploading all of my stuff to PlatonicRobot. You can now go there to find the most recent versions of everything I’ve ever released for Wii.

1bit Invaders v2.1 for Wii.rar
Avoidance v1.1 for Wii.rar
Cascade Beneath v1.0 for Wii.rar
Cherophobe v1.0 for Wii.rar
Cubicle Shooter v0.3 for Wii.rar
Cylinder Dodge v1.0 for Wii.rar
Dance Clone v0.5 for Wii.rar
Dont Get Crushed v1.0 for Wii.rar
Elongated Reptile v0.1 for Wii.rar
Gambol v0.2 for Wii.rar
Goodbye World v1.1 for Wii.rar
Gravity Glide v1.2 for Wii.rar
Hero City v0.5 for Wii.rar
Hypno Blast v0.2 for Wii.rar
Maze Generator v1.1 for Wii.rar
Neo Tanks v0.2 for Wii.rar
Neo Trail v0.1 for Wii.rar
Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.1 for Wii.rar
Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.1 for Wii.rar
Sketch Fight v0.2 for Wii.rar
Slime Roll v0.2 for Wii.rar
Super Pixel Jumper v1.1 for Wii.rar
Swingball v1.1 for Wii.rar
Swingball2 v0.4 for Wii.rar
That Other Pong v2.1 for Wii.rar
The Catachthonic v0.9 for Wii.rar
The Jarred Mind3 v1.0 for Wii.rar
The Unmapped Forest v0.2 for Wii.rar
The Untitled Project v0.3 for Wii.rar
The VideoGame v0.2 for Wii.rar
They Do Not Die v1.0 for Wii.rar
They Do Not Die2 v0.7 for Wii.rar
Three Point O v1.1 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Boat Race v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Car Race v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Tank Fight v1.0 for Wii.rar
Tick Tock Zombie Shooter v1.0 for Wii.rar
Time Frack 2D v0.1 for Wii.rar
Transitory Vectors v1.0 for Wii.rar
Two Point Five v1.1 for Wii.rar
UFO Racer v0.3 for Wii.rar
We Are Nowhere v0.2 for Wii.rar
Winters End v1.0 for Wii.rar

Swing Ball: level pack

September 29, 2010

Beredezebe has made ten new levels for Swing Ball and I highly recommend them to everyone playing the game. They are awesome. I actually like them a lot more then the levels I had made.


SwingBall v1.1 on video

September 22, 2010

Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.

SwingBall v1.1 – Wii & Windows

September 21, 2010

Here is an update for SwingBall. I added a few new levels. Slightly modified a few of the preexisting levels. The level selection screen has been fixed up a little bit. I added a menu screen reminding players that they can make their own levels and explaining how to do it.

The frame rate should be moderately better but I’m not actually sure of that. I don’t remember what it averaged at previously and actually seems to me like its worse but I think that must just be in my head. Whats important though is that the frame rate has become purely cosmetic now as your movement speed has been made frame rate independent. Previously you increased your speed and moved at set amounts every time the screen refreshed which meant that you where slower when the frame rate dropped and faster when it increased. Obviously that’s problematic for a game that’s focused around trying to do things in a very exact amount of time. But now your movement speed adapts to the frame rate so it should no longer effect gameplay.

There is also a PC version of the game now. The line you swing from is a bit smoother in the PC version and although it depends on your computer it should be fairly safe to assume that the frame rate will be considerably smoother. I’m hoping that the availability of a PC version will also encourage more of you to make your own custom levels. It should be a lot more convenient to do so if you can test, modify and iterate on levels you make without needing to take them back and forth from your computer to your Wii.

Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

alternate links:
Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

So Awesome!

August 11, 2010

The prizes (for the uninitiated SwingBall came in second place in the 2010 Nintendomax Wii Dev Competition back at the end of june) from Assentek (a DSi XL and r4i card) arrived today! Yay! I just obviously really want to thank NintendoMax for running the competition and EvilTroopa for forwarding the package after a mix up resulted in them getting both first and second place prizes.

So awesome!