The World Drowns v0.1 and source code – PS3

October 19, 2010

The World Drowns is (or will be) a 3D homebrew PS3 action RPG game.

To be clear I want to begin by saying that I don’t actually recommend anyone bother with downloading this. It is not a particularly accurate representation of my expectations for the final game. At this stage in development it is simply a non game comprised of a hacked together sequence of kludges. Its garbage.

Well making it its purpose was primarily for testing out obj format mesh loading. The reasoning for posting it though is is simply that I thought it would be easier to attract artists if I had some form of a demo to show of the game that I want them to contribute to.

I’m looking for people to create the 3d models, textures and eventually animations for the characters and environments. So if your interested in pitching in then let me know.

Download the PS3 version
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Download the PS3 version’s Source Code
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The World Drowns – Windows

October 17, 2010

Look what I dug up. Its slightly more complete then the last build of the game I posted over 9000 years ago. So why would I bother getting this out now rather then leaving it to slowly succumb to bit rot in one of my my binders of DVDs? Because well this iteration of the game may have been long abandoned I am still working on it in a way. I’ve started working on a PS3 version.

Download the Windows version
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The World Drowns

September 28, 2009

Went back and did a bit more for that action RPG Zelda style game I started a little while ago. Still not really anything that should probably be considered a game at this point but its getting better. Visually its been fairly majorly overhauled. It looks somewhat like it jumped out of Super Mario Galaxy now. It also played in full screen but whats especially nice is that it doesn’t use a preset resolution and instead checks what your current desktop resolution is and goes with that. All of your character’s animations have been redone though they mostly look roughly the same as before. You can attack (or at least play the attacking animation) even well also running and/or walking now. There are now multiple monsters (all of the same kind) and they are now treated as solid objects. Tons of other little tweaks where made.



September 17, 2009

I was kinda in the mood to play Zelda style game or something like it so I started messing around with making an action RPG. Here is the result of roughly a days work.

You use a combination of mouse movements and WASD keys to control your direction and movements well using the space key to jump. Using the shift key well walking will make you run and holding it well airborn will increase your forward speed and also the speed at which you fall (wont increase your maximum fall rate just how fast your approach it).

I already have it setup to properly ignore your input well you aren’t grounded but for now I set right now to still accept controls because it just more fun being able to move from side to side post jump. Same applies for why you can jump so high and so far. I initially set the values that high just to test some things but there is just something weird and stupidly fun about quickly making massive leaps around the environment. Holding the right mouse key well on the ground shifts you into a kind of defense mode and hitting the left mouse key well doign so will make you attack.

In the end game play wise its planned to roughly emulate Zelda but it will have more of the usual RPG elements (you will level up and increase stats). The game is also going to have a time limit of sorts. The water level is constantly rising forcing you to move forward. The goal is to make the game complete enough to sustain a 30 minute experiences.

I borrowed a lot from Travis’s Zombie game (another game I was working on a while ago based on a description of the ideal zombie game given by one of the cast of the at1up podcast) but changed most of it as I went along. The camera is improved in a lot of ways and benefits from this not being a shooter which means the camera can be looser. The floaty camera looks nice in certain situations but because of how fast you can move around it also becomes problematic and its easy to get off screen. I’m thinking I might tighten up how closely it follows you or making it rotate to keep you constantly in the center of the screen or making it automatically control the camera zoom (right now you can zoom in and out manually using the mouse wheel) or maybe doing all of the above. What I’m really ahppy with is the character rotation. I know that is a silly thing to take pride in and it still isn’t perfect but I just think it works really well. you can move in as many directions as four keys can allow and at the same time you can control your direction with the mouse but what I’m really happy about is that well mouse control works as should its not constantly and rigidly enforced. If you stand still for example you can rotate the camera around your character without them turning to align themselves with the cameras angle.

The animations are new but the incomplete and textureless character models (excluding the sword and shield which I obviously didn’t put much work into) where taken from two different games that I had previously planned to make but never did. The woman (the protagonist that you play as) was going to be the main character in a Serious Sam clone (potentially titled Serious Samantha keeping up my trend up lame titles) well the monster was one of the enemies in a planned grid based 2d/3d/platformer/puzzle/boardgame sorta thing that was in retrospect I suppose would have been something vaguely like fez or crush but without the logic defying world flattening. There was also a planned turn based strategy game that would have used the monster and the rest of the character models from the game it was to be for but I never proceeded very far with that either.