This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

I choose to edit it. Hello, readers (all zero of you), you may know me as ThatOtherPerson or SomeOtherPerson or perhaps simply ThatPerson or as an entirely different person. But regardless of names one label that I’m fairly comfortable with is that of a nerd. I am a nerd. A multi-purpose nerd really but included in my list of nerd earning qualities is my fondness of computers and software/media creation. So I’m going to be using this blog to post about my many half finished creations with the false hope that someone out there in the internets will enjoy consuming whatever creations it is that I have to share.

See you later, unspecified reader.

PS: If you you’ve got a PS3 then feel free to hit me up on PSN.

Or you can always just send me an email at thatotherperson@yahoo.com or you can find me over at gametrailers.com where my username is ThatOtherPerson.

PPS: The use of post script in the era of easily editable digital text is indeed moronic.

26 Responses to About

  1. Dimwit0 says:

    Hey man, i love They Do Not Die and everything your doing with that game 🙂 I’ve had a blast just playing the simple version on the wii. I do have a few suggestions though that i hope will help improve the game and make it more popular. I’d love to help anyway i could with this game. I don’t have any real developers experience but i’m willing to learn and offer any services I have. PM me if you would like to hear what i have in mind or would like my help. 🙂 thnanks

  2. shell says:

    i luv all ur games and ur blog (lol i like the about to)

  3. CurseDemon says:

    Is there any assistance you need? coding or making objects?

    • thatotherdev says:

      I prefer to work alone. If you want to do something though I would appreciate it if you fixed the MilkShape 3D Binary Model Viewer to work properly on PS3. Its partially implemented in The Untitled Project but only used in the Windows version because of some errors I get when trying to compile with it for PS3. Just a heads up though that even if you get it to compile there will probably still be some endianness differences to account for.


  4. Dave says:

    what do you use to make the games (code, software, etc)? And on the Wii version of The Untitled Project, 1. Could you make a map? 2. Could you make a “run” option (C or Z would work) 3. Could you make stairs? I see the floors above, but I can’t get up there. 4. (optional) make the character higher… it seems like you’re playing as a Vroomba… 5. Color would also be a nice addition. 6. Maybe bad guys that you can shoot via the B button? Thanks, and I hope to see a few of my ideas come to life. This has got great promise and I like where it’s headed.

  5. ThatOtherDev says:

    Essentially everything I make is written in C++. When making GP2X stuff I use the old official SDK that was released with the system along with Dev-C++. For Wii I obviously use devkitPro. For PS3 I use the leaked SDK v1.92. Finally for Windows stuff I use Microsoft Visual C++.

    When making/editing 2D art assets I usually use Photoshop but I’ll use Paint depending on what it is that I’m doing.

    For 3D meshes I use Milkshape3D and 3D Studio Max.

    The rare times when I need to edit video or audio I use Multiquence but I use Audacity when I just want to convert audio to ogg format and VirtualDub when I just want to do something minor to a video.

    Everything you said are things that I already intend to do. With the exception of added stairs. Stairs take up too much floor space and they are completely unnecessary. What version are you playing? The 0.2 Wii version has an elevator in every building which you can ride from floor to floor and many of the buildings have stairs connecting the top floor to the roof.

  6. Dave says:

    Cool, thanks.

    Oh, well, I guess that list was pointless then. I’m playing 0.2, but it seemed that the elevators only took me down to the sewer system (which I seem to get lost in….). I’ll try again though. Thanks for the reply and the info

  7. Tevin says:

    So why did you put a post script then?? O_o lol
    Love your work BTW. I myself have been trying to learn C++ but it’s a bit difficult seeing as I have very little time.

  8. EpicLPer says:

    Hi, I’m EpicLPer from YouTube! I played all your games and they are very cool 😀 But on the Homebrew Browser your games only have something like 30 downloads, but not more D: Hopefully you would like make new and more epic games 😀

  9. Jonny K says:

    I really enjoy the games you make for the wii! I think you should finish one of them (like hero city) and add a story line and differant levels and stuff.

  10. xerpi says:

    Hey ThatOtherDev, I’ve sent you an email.

  11. Jake Bailey says:

    thank you so much man. This helps allot. I have been a programmer for about 15 years, but never got into the PS3. Thanks again!

  12. ahmad says:


    I was wondering, do you have a game that has sound effects. If yes, is the source code available, so I can learn how to implement sound effects in my games.

  13. ahmad says:

    Thank you man.

  14. Are you interested in having music accompany some of your games?

    • ThatOtherDev says:

      Sure. Is there any game in specific that you would like to contribute music for? If there is a game you like and it doesn’t already have music in it then feel free to go ahead and make something for it. If I like what you make and think it fits well then I’ll add it playing on a loop in the background.

      It’s worth noting that I’m not setup to use audio in my PS3 homebrew. Anything you make will only be used in Wii and Windows version of my games.

  15. reap3r119 says:

    You’ve released the source codes for the PS3 version of They Do Not Die2, but is there any way you could release the source code for the Wii version of They Do Not Die2 v0.8?

  16. Michael DeCicco (Stinkee2) says:

    Do you still exist around these parts Mr. ThatOtherDev? I’d like to ask you some questions, one of which being if you’d like to work with me on a game that I have in progress.

  17. v0d says:

    Could you do a tutorial of how to setup psl1ght on windows with vs2010?

  18. Sławek says:

    Michael DeCicco (Stinkee2) please contact me fast 😉 I need your help!!! I find you person here:


    my page http://www.moddb.com/members/nfsfan83

    Greetings Nfsfan83

  19. Biotronic says:

    TOP, people are leaving PlatonicRobot bro. Can you do something about it?

  20. fromanotherera says:

    hello world

  21. Eli H says:

    No one has posted since 2016, but I really liked the game Cubicle Shooter. Unfortunately all the links are dead. As well as the links for The Untitled Project v0.1.

    If anyone happens to have downloaded the .pkg please upload and provide link. It’s very nostalgic. Thankss

  22. zombyboy10k says:

    hey dude! what do you use to make your wii homebrew games?

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