TimeFrack: Now with fast forward and fast rewind

October 27, 2009

I got around to doing a bit more and you can now rewind at double speed or even make time move forward at double speed. Really any time speed works now but just for the sake of making it displayable on a progress bar or whatever you call it I capped it at -2 and +2. The game was already setup in a way that I could have made it rewind at any given speed already but it took a little more work getting time to move forward at a speed faster then regular real time well still having what happens during that time rewindable at any speed. It actually didn’t take any time at all to figure out how to do it but I got stuck on a small detail when implementing it which I’m still not sure why it was a problem. Anyways it works now.

I also made a bunch of other improvements though I don’t completely remember for sure what I did before and after the last time I posted so I might be forgetting things or mentioning stuff that was already in the game. Whats probably most noticeable is that slow rewinding is smoothed out and it doesn’t look like your watching a slide show anymore. I reworked the camera (again) so when in first person you can see your body/feet like you could at first and the third person camera is over the shoulder now so your character doesn’t block your view of your aim. The transition from first to third works a bit better also. I had to rework how the direction of your blasts where decided to make it functional with the over the shoulder camera which in turn improved first person aiming a bit (you might have noticed before that along with the intentional inaccuracy your shots also always hit lower then they should have). The time line is now a complete 30 minutes. Run speed is a bit faster. I think everything else was mostly just little tweaks.


TimeFrack: Now with slow motion

October 20, 2009

The game now has slow motion.

There is another bar on top of the timeline one that you can dial up and down using the mouse wheel to increase and decrease the speed of the game. All the way to the right means your playing forward at full real time speed, dead center means the games paused (there is a line down the middle to make it clear where that is), all the way to the left means your moving backwards in time at the same speed and anything between will make the game go at the appropriate speed (75% of the way down the line will for example leave the game moving forward at half speed).

Just like with rewinding there are some small and likely unoticeable things that arent yet being properly handled when messing with time but its pretty much fully functional and should take me to long to deal with the last few loose ends.

I increased the cap on the time line by 50 so you can play non stop for roughly 28 minutes and rewind all the way back. I also fixed up the transparency of the impact effect that shows up when a blast hits a wall which previously didn’t work correctly during a rewind. I also made some little changes and tweaks to gravity and shooting and a few other little things and added a cross-hair and reworked the camera a bit.


TheyDoNotDie R12

October 18, 2009

I know it took longer then it should have but here it is. Release number 12 of They Do Not Die.

The game can now use multiple levels and there are level selection screens to facilitate that before you start up the game or the level editor. The “create new level” option at the selection screen before the editor doesnt work yet but just dropping a blank file into the savefiles\maps\ with a .dat extension should work fine or you can just copy and past one of the preexisting levels and rename the duplicate whatever you want your new level to be called.

The level editor itself has also been improved a bit. Its now a bit more visually representative of how things will look in game, the name of the level your editing is displayed at the bottom of the screen, you can place safe zones (they have no effect right now in game but they will show up), you place solid walls (there treated the same as building walls but they aren’t stuck to the grid and can be placed at any location and any rotation like any other object can) and can now place multiple kinds of zombies (at the moment they aren’t customizable and all behave the same as generic zombies with even the size difference only being superficial at the moment), and there are now buttons to reset all of the tiles to grass and remove all of the objects (visually the objects don’t get removed when you do it though so for now you will need to return to the main menu and then reload that level in the editor to see the difference).

As for the actual game itself along with the stuff previously mentioned (multiple levels, new walls, non effective safe zones, etc) you can now shoot from inside a car and there is a score multiplier that goes up whenever a zombie dies but gets reset whenever your hurt or a human dies. the in game pause menu is now somewhat functional. You can use it to return to the main menu to use the level editor and change settings but there are problems with starting a second game because not everything gets properly reset so there are invisible walls and zombies and things left over from the previous game so right now your still best off just exiting the program and restarting it.

I also added a few new characters to the sprite based text and fixed some problems with the sound effects. I think that’s pretty much everything.


The RPG game

October 15, 2009

Here’s a little something from that traditional 2D RPG I started working on. Combat system isn’t setup yet (if you run into someone just hit space or enter to auto win and end the fight) but you can walk around (use WASD or the arrow keys) and although there also isn’t a properly setup environment yet since I haven’t built a level editor to construct one with yet so by default everything is water but you can place land yourself (just hold down any mouse key and patches of grass will be generated wherever the mouse is and it will automatically determine what if any second layer tile to use for the shoreline). I’ve also decided that its going to be set in a fictional future and your playing as a robot. I know that conflicts a bit with traditional retro RPG conventions but I’m not really very into Dungeons and Dragons types of stuff and the setting wont change the game play.

I’m going to go back to working on They Do Not Die and Time Frack for now and maybe even get back to doing a bit more for The World Drowns.


TimeFrack: Its a lot like TimeShift.

October 11, 2009

Screw it. I’m not really in the mood for writing tutorials and besides I’m not especially good at it. If anyone wants help with making a game just ask me in the comments. Now on with the game. Neither you or the other characters can be harmed yet but you can shoot and so can they and all of the movement collision detection is setup and most importantly rewinding time is functional.

For controls use WASD to move, hold shift to run, tap Q to switch from first and third person views, Hold E to rewind time (You cant rewind past the beginning and similarly the game wont let you play past the end of the time line which is visible at the bottom of the screen) and use the mouse to aim and any mouse button to shoot.

I’m really happy with the movement. I did a few things a little bit differently then I usually do and I’m really happy with the results. It probably isn’t particularly noticeable (though it likely will be more so later in slow-mo) but there is real momentum to your movement. So if your moving left and then start moving right it has to first slow down your momentum going in that previous direction and then build up more in the new one. Even completly changing directions doesnt take to long and the controls still feel responsive but when you compare it directly with another game that has exact controls it really does feel more natural. Also rather then leaving you in complete control of your movement well off the ground or making it based completly on momentum when you first jump/fall its actually a little bit of both (took a few tries to get the balance right but I think its good now) which i think worked out really well. Pushing enemy characters by bumping into them works fairly well also.