Avoidance v1.2 – Wii

This update fixes the way the background music (GET OUT OF MY ROOM [blue boat remix] by VideoJames) plays and brings things like the home/dashboard up to date with what has been in my other more recent releases.

Download the Wii version from PlatonicRobot.com

3 Responses to Avoidance v1.2 – Wii

  1. owen says:

    did you fix something in the sound of the wii SDL library?

    • ThatOtherDev says:

      No I just stopped using it. SDL_mixer seems to always make music play slower (or I think it’s slower. It’s definitely perceivable different in some way.) for me then it should. So now when possible I just use libogc’s MP3Player for the Wii version of things.

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