Gambol v0.2 – Wii

Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.

This is a Wii port of my PS3 platformer Gambol.

The gameplay is (currently) 2D but it has 3D graphics and I expect I will probably add movement on the Z axis in a future update. The art assets are all placeholder. This will NOT be a Mario clone by the time Iโ€™m done with it. The character model used for the player was made by Bubles Studio.

Wii controls:
D Pad = Move
2 Button = Jump

Download the Wii version

4 Responses to Gambol v0.2 – Wii

  1. zunou says:

    Awesome, what format you used to animate the model? (md2, md3 … other? )

    great job ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ThatOtherDev says:

      I’m probably going to need to begin using a format that supports animation eventually but right now I’ve just saved the model in three poses (standing, left foot forward and right foot forward) as three separate obj files. Then I just loaded them each into the game and morph (not sure what the correct term is) from one to another.

      It ends up working reasonably well. One annoying thing though is that you can’t make any changes to the model without needing to redo all of the character animation.

  2. owen says:

    Z-axis is evil! better to add a flip/roll animation when the character jumps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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