Sketch Fight v0.1 – PS3

This is a first version of something I have put together for the soon closing Scenery Beta 2011 international homebrew showcase.

Sketch Fight is a simple two player fighting game with crudely done hand drawn graphics that are intended to look like something a person would doodle when trying to cope with the mind numbing repetition and tedium that is school.

I only have one PS3 controller at the moment so I haven’t been able to test it properly… Let me know if it isn’t controlling correctly.

Edit: Apparently when a second controller is connected both controllers effect both players. So it is pretty much unplayable. I’ll probably buy a second controller sometime soon so that I can test multiplayer games myself.

PS3 controls:
Left directional button = Move left
Right directional button = Move right
Down directional button = Move crouch
X button = Jump
Square button = punch
Circle button = kick

Download the PS3 version


6 Responses to Sketch Fight v0.1 – PS3

  1. PS3Homebrew says:

    Thanks for the game. I tried it with my second controller but it does not work correct. If the second controller is connected, you move both players (with both controllers).

  2. Your HB’s are amazing!

  3. Max Klinger says:

    Very nice and unique graphics.

  4. Nasebluten says:

    I just gave it a try and I really appreciate the style of it.

    I also tried it with a second Controller and can confirm PS3Homebrews comment, both controllers are controlling both players.

    Keep it up.

  5. craig says:

    just popped a message in your yahoo inbox. nice work !

  6. If you don’t know, you have to send an email to scenebeta saying the HB’s you vote. More instructions here:

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