Requesting assistance with PSL1GHT

So I got around to attempting to return to working on PS3 homebrew. But I’ve been having some trouble with PSL1GHT.

I installed the v0.03 Beta PSL1GHT V2 DevkitPro addon (I already had DevkitPro installed for Wii homebrew). But it didn’t come with any examples so I went and got the PNG sample from the normal release of PSL1GHT but I wasn’t able to get it actually compile. I don’t know if that’s to be expected (its my understanding that there is some meaningful differences between normal PSL1GHT and what is included in the addon).

So I figured, fuck it, I’ll just use normal PSL1GHT.

The PSL1GHT wiki has three tutorials for setting up PSL1GHT on Windows. The MingW one acknowledges that it does not work. The GnuWin32 is nothing but a link to the GnuWin32 installer. Finally the CygWin one which is by comparison the most complete gives me an error instructing me to install gcc before continuing when I get to entering ./ But gcc is in fact already installed.

Would anybody be willing to help me out?

I use Windows and would prefer to continue working in Windows instead of needing to dual boot or use a VM.

Should I just go back to using the leaked SDK? Or should I wait it out well the PSL1GHT people finish getting their shit together?


24 Responses to Requesting assistance with PSL1GHT

  1. EmersonS35 says:

    Normal psl1ght on ubuntu?
    Check out
    It’s a site I’m working on.
    It will soon be

    • ThatOtherDev says:

      Cool. I look forward to seeing the site completed.

      Should I take this to mean that the DevkitPro addon isn’t actually usable? The installation page you have for Windows shows it exclusively but the following pages seem to assume that the reader has a regular installation of PSL1GHT.

      I would really prefer to be able to use Windows rather then Ubuntu…

      Oh and I noticed a mistyped phrase.
      “Your Now Doing installing”
      should probably say
      “You’re now done installing”

      • EmersonS35 says:

        Devkitpro is useable, it uses a different makefile to compile.
        I’ll talk with miigitu (or however you spell it) who is the creator of devkitpro. And then I’ll make the windows tutorial better. Cause it sucks right now.

  2. EmersonS35 says:

    I would recommend you dual boot ubuntu cause it’s really easy.
    Atleast till devkitpro is combatible with psl1ght v1

  3. emersons35 says:

    git clone this and try it.
    or at least get the samples. ill try it also to comfirm.

  4. Rozyx says:

    Hello I love your games but when you are going to make ps3 games again can you please make a new version of Cubicle Shooter? xD

  5. ozayturay says:

    just use

    cd /bin
    ln -sf gcc-3.exe gcc

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