The Untitled Project v0.3 and source – PS3 (unpackaged) & Windows

Here is another update to everyone’s favorite open world cyberpunk game.

Why there isn’t a PKG file:

Geohot’s tools are giving me trouble again. Whenever I try to run it after signing it with those tools I’m greeted with a 80010004 error. Its plausible that there is something wrong with the actual game but I don’t think that’s it. It runs fine on Windows, compiles fine for PS3 and I would expect it to just freeze rather then returning an error if there was something wrong with the way I wrote it.

On a related note does anybody know how to go about preparing things for modern CFW without using Geohot’s tools? People have been putting out unsigned stuff that apparently works but I still cant seem to run old stuff from the jailbreak days on the latest releases of KMEAW or Waninkoko CFW. Sorry I haven’t really been paying much attention to whats been happening in the scene lately.

If you want to package (and possibly sign) it yourself then everything you need is included. Its already compiled just not packaged.

Now on to the listing of notable changes:

The city is significantly larger. Its actually at a size now that I’d consider appropriate for an open world game.
The city is now an island.
The mini map has been greatly improved and now moves and rotates and shows your position.
Some buildings now have stairs connecting their top floor to the roof.
There are tons of billboards and other bits of what will be signage protruding from the buildings.
There are trash cans placed around the city.
The catacombs beneath the city have fewer walls (which results in more open areas) and now have added tunnels/doors connecting areas.
The number of collectibles has been increased from 500 or 1000.
The tiles that comprise the game world now each have their own unique textures.
You can now edit the world from within the game.
You can now save anywhere at any time.

Game saves from v0.2 will be disregarded. Its unfortunate but game saves will continue to be deprecated and disregarded for the near future. As the game drastically changes and improves the saves it uses change with it and it would involve a lot of work to enable to game to adapt old game saves. Its not really worth the amount of time involved
when the game is this early in development.

Windows controls:

Sorry I forgot to mention last time that on Windows all of the testing related controls have been moved to the number keys.

WASD or arrow keys – move
Mouse move – turn
Space – jump
1 – decrease the view range
2 – increase the view range
3 – turn textures on or off
4 – turn ghost mode on or off
5 – replace the tile in the grid space that you are standing in (lower its number)
6 – replace the tile in the grid space that you are standing in (raise its number)
7 – rotate the tile in the grid space that you are standing in
8 – save (unlike the game saving that occurs when you find a collectible this will also save changes made to the world grid)


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32 Responses to The Untitled Project v0.3 and source – PS3 (unpackaged) & Windows

  1. Yay! Controls! I was wondering what it would look like textured. Is there a compiled windows one? It would take me forever to get it to compile right.

    • thatotherdev says:

      The rar file has an already compiled Windows version. Its in the Win32Release folder. Don’t get too excited about the textures though. Its setup to properly use textures now but the final textures haven’t actually been made yet. Its just more placeholder wire frame stuff at the moment.

  2. ylpkm says:

    um dude, i understand you want to use geohotz tools, but many ppl are still on hermes 3.41 which is amazing… but you can use the regular pkg file maker in the original sdk and itll work fine

    • thatotherdev says:

      I actually really don’t want to use geohots tools. As I said above they haven’t work very well for me.

      Stuff packaged with the old tools doesn’t seem to run on any of the available 3.55 CFW So I cant test it which makes me uncomfortable about posting it.

  3. ylpkm says:

    and i got a custom at3 to play on the xmb at normal speed, i can send it to you, if you want… but i kinda want to post it too… if you say that i made it and give me credit, ill gladly give it to u to have a cool song play while hovering over the app… its part of 2pm’s song TETRIS. its pretty nice…

    • thatotherdev says:

      Thanks but I’m not really interested in adding music right now and when I do I would prefer to not use something that contains copyright material and is so well associated with a completely unrelated game. It sounds nice though.

  4. I’m making textures for this, I’ve noticed that if I fill the entire street texture with a texture, the game shows streets as black, and they only way to get a texture to show is to have 5 pixels of black on the edges, which somehow causes black lines around the squares ingame. The sidewalk works fine, I fill the entire image, it loads fine and the texture displays seamlessly.

    I also seem to have a problem with the billboards. If I change them in any way whatsoever, they show up like they are untextured, grey.

    Other than that, its pretty fun to get it textured and looking good.

  5. ylpkm says:

    hey, okay, i got the at3 working with any song now… hehe… its simple but just being able to make the program install the codec gave many ppl issues for the psp.. if you have a song that you would like as an at3 for your homebrew just email me… or i could try making a tune for you… its up to you… from the user point of view i would love to see some apps with a song in the xmb… now i have to loop it, but it does work.

  6. Abdiel says:

    I noticed in v2 that on the windows version you walk around and on the ps3 you kind of float. I built the package and signed it and also got an 80010004 error. Usually if its an issue with signing it will screw up when you try to install it. Though the only thing I can find about 80010004 is “not enough core”.
    No longer on Waninkoko’s though, got fed up with the freezing and not nearly as much support as the other firmwares so I switched to kmeaw’s as well.

    • thatotherdev says:

      As I talked about in the release notes for v0.2 I ran into some problems with using the Milkshape3D file loader (which I didn’t write myself) on PS3 so the PS3 version exclusively uses Wavefront Object format files (the loader for which I did write myself) for its 3D objects. Since Obj (unlike MS3D) doesn’t support animation I’m not yet able to use character animation on PS3. I do have animated characters in my PS3 game Cubicle Shooter but I somewhat cheated to get that working and its not really a method of animation that I would like to use in a game like The Untitled Project which when complete will require fairly complex animation.

      So that’s why the Player’s arms and legs move when you walk in the PC version but the player stands still in the PS3 version.

  7. emersonS35 says:

    ok ya got the error too.. its not the tool or anything is the eboot.bin recompile it and mess with it. its either the code or the process from code to eboot.elf or the process from elf to bin.

    • thatotherdev says:

      I’m operating on the belief that it is in fact a problem created well converting it from a compiled elf file to a usable eboot.bin (which you acknowledged as being one of the potential causes of the problem). But that process is done using Geohots signing tools (make_self_npdrm to be more specific) therefor any problem in that conversion is in fact a problem relating to the tools.

      The only alternative I’m aware of to using Geohot’s make_self_npdrm is to use the old make_fself_npdrm which came with the leaked SDK. Unlike with Geohots tools make_fself_npdrm worked consistently for me. However it doesn’t seem to be possible to use the bin files it outputs with any of the currently available 3.55 CFW. I have homebrew that I made with make_fself_npdrm when I was still on lower firmware and using a jailbreak device (prior to the advent of CFW) and all of them now return a 80029519 error.

      • emersonS35 says:

        my cfw run 3.41 homebrew also, and i can convert the 3.41 to 3.55 if you wish, compile this with make_fself_npdrm and send me the link. also i never got ahold of the leaked SDK do you have a link to that also? maybe your make_self_npdrm isn’t set up correctly send me the link to your .elf too.
        haha these are like three links but i wanna help you, and see this game succeed. and about the game, is there anything you need for help? textures, models, animations, ect.

        • ThatOtherDev says:

          Here is a PKG of the game made the same way I would do it before I moved to 3.55 CFW and stopped using the old jailbreak. I also included the newly compiled and untouched elf file and an unpacked copy of the bin file made with the make_fself_npdrm executable that was included with the 1.92 SDK.

          I’m not sure if your going to be checking back here so I’ll email it to you also in a couple minutes.

          Its not where I got it from and the image they posted along with it is incorrect but I’m fairly certain that this is a valid copy of the leaked 1.92 SDK. There have been newer leaked versions but I’m still using 1.92.

  8. Sage says:

    Looking forward to this.

  9. […] to see it so I'm just putting this out there, if someone would wanna take a look. As you can find here the dev has made the app, but can't get it to install due to something incorrect in the coding. […]

  10. Mossy1 says:

    You have mail!! Unable to test, ps3 unavailable right now…should be fine.

  11. idexmas says:

    Hi guys! I want try homebrew dev on PS3 and i have some troubles: When i compile sample from ps3sdk 1.92 (sample framework testapp), get EBOOT.BIN and make PKG file with PKG Tool i try to launch it on my console (kmeaw CFW 3.55) and get error 80029519 after pkg was installed. But i may successfully run samples maked by ThatOtherDev without any errors. Can you please give me you advices. Thanks.


  13. Leonn says:

    Can you Upload it again for PS3? . All links are off.
    Thanks man !

  14. TimRex says:

    Did you ever sort out your packaging issues? I’m also unable to sign packages correctly for the newer firmwares, but I haven’t been keeping up with things (not by a long shot). Care to point me in the right direction?

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