Cylinder Dodge v1 – Windows

Here is a simple little game I put together to test out Unity and familiarize myself with using it.

Download Links for Windows PC version


4 Responses to Cylinder Dodge v1 – Windows

  1. Rekcahdam says:

    This is pretty cool. I hadnt checked you blog in while! Man you work fast.

  2. Rekcahdam says:

    AH.. I’m not familiar with the frequency of your posts. My blog posts are like months apart. You make me feel terrible LOL.

    • thatotherdev says:

      Don’t feel bad. Few can keep up with my high rate of awesomeness lol. Also the stuff you post are like complete games. Most of what I do are simple variations on “avoid that thing or that number will stop going up” or half made tech demos that I have no intention to make gameplay out of.

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