indie game shout out: Stream

RekcahDam (who contributed the music for They Do Not Die and Dance Clone and perhaps more famously worked on Wings of Apocalypse and rComplex) recently released a new PC game titled Stream.

Stream is a experimental game project some friends and I have been working on. It sports a some side scrolling shooter elements but the main theme of Stream is time travel. You play as a guerilla soldier who wont stop until he completes his mission.

Click here to check it out.

But just remember that even once you complete the game you can never be too safe.

2 Responses to indie game shout out: Stream

  1. Aaron says:

    Port to Wii! 😉

    • thatotherdev says:

      I wish I could 🙂

      Its not my game to port though. They might let me if I asked but even if I had the source code I wouldn’t really be able to just port it. It would need to be a remake. Its my understanding that the game was made using Unity ( which actually can be used for Wii games but I don’t think its possible yet to make homebrew ones using it. It would need to be an official disc based or wiiware game which would be unspeakably awesome in either case but would require the involvement of Nintendo which complicates things.

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