DanceClone: reskinned

KYOA5 posted this great skin for Dance Clone on a little while ago and I liked it so I want to share it with all of you.

There where some changed in v0.4 relating to a few image sizes (the background is 640×480 now which is really what it should have always been anyways since that is what resolution the game is). So I quickly made the necessary changes to scale for the two sprites that needed the update but the awesome new skin is otherwise untouched.

To use it just copy the image files into the DanceClone\Media\Game\ folder in place of the games regular images.

Download the skin

18 Responses to DanceClone: reskinned

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  2. smashdude says:

    Is this why my game won’t read the songs like the rick roll one? Must I import the images that the sm files come with or do I only need to forward the sm file? Or dwl file?

    • thatotherdev says:

      I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working or what if anything your doing wrong. I’ll make a video when I have time (probably a couple days from now) explaining how to import songs DanceClone.

      You don’t need image files though, you cant use DWI files, and after you’ve imported it and made a DC file out of it you don’t have any need to keep the SM file that you imported.

  3. smashdude says:

    Do the files need to be zipped or unzipped? Where have you been downloading songs from and then importing the stepmats? Have you been doing it on stepmania? Or bemainstream? Or both or another site (link me please)?

    • thatotherdev says:

      They need to be unzipped. The songs I use for testing are from Some of them work and some of them don’t.

      In the future I would appreciate it if you would choose one post about Dance Clone and make all of your related comments in that one place instead of spreading them out over multiple pages on the site.

  4. smashdude says:

    Alright thanks. In the other thread or here, please list a few songs that do work so I can try them out and see if they work for me too on the wii.

  5. smashdude says:

    Does the rick roll song work? Link me to that stepmix please. I love rick rolling on the floor too, dancing like crazy. I really just want that song soley.

    • thatotherdev says:

      I don’t know. It depends on a few things. Its a fairly well known song so I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple people have made different Step Mania step files for it. Some of them might work and some of them might not.

      Link you to what? Burning Me Up? I included a link to where you can find it in my comment. Or Never Gonna Give You Up (the rickroll song) for Step Mania? I’ve never seen it anywhere so I don’t know where you could find it. Your just as capable of searching for it on Google as I am.

      If you just want that one song its actually in Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 3.

  6. smashdude says:

    Yes I just want never gonna give you up. I can’t find the link to download ddr hottest party 3 songs. And the normal ones on the stepmania page won’t load/they crash. So if you could please just link me to never gonna give you up. Test if first and make sure it works for your dance clone on the wii please. I only love rick rolling!

  7. smashdude says:

    Is there any way I can download the game? Via winrar I can possible extract individual songs. Works for packs on frets on fire.

  8. smashdude says:

    Alright thanks man. So you can’t find any rick roll link that works then I guess besides that one.

  9. Kyoandres5 says:

    Hola no se si valla por aca pero solo te queria comentar que e creado mas skins para el DANCE CLONE espero sigas con ese exelente travajo.

    3 SKINS

    Por aca te dejo el link de los skin:

    Hi do not know if going for here but I just wanted to comment that and more skins created for the CLONE DANCE I hope you continue with this excellent toils.

    3 SKINS

    For here I leave you the link of the skin:

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  11. […] forget to go grab the alternate skin if you want to change the look of the […]

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