1bit Invaders – Wii

1bit Invaders is a 2d free roaming space shooter with a fully destructible environment and retro monochrome graphics. To stay alive and gain points just shoot the circles before they reach your ship. Use the wiimote to aim, B button to shoot and the nunchuck analog stick to move.

This is actually the third time I’ve completely remade this game. Once back when I first messed around with wii homebrew using libwiisprite to render everything. I don’t think I ever posted that first one anywhere though I definitely recall taking photos of it running on my TV and posting them someplace. It was pretty cool and constantly scrolled to the right but you had different ways of effecting the speed that that happened and you didn’t naturally keep up with the speed of the camera so you would drift to the left side of the screen and it just generally had a really nice sense of motion. The second time (which is the version that is at the moment on the Homebrew Browser) I made this game I did it with SDL like I did this time but it turned out (in my opinion) really lame and was just a single screen thing. I’m happy with this third remake though. If/when I decide to do more of it I definitely think I’m going to build on this rather then starting fresh for a fourth time. Regardless I think I might post more about it at some future point in time. There is some mildly interesting shit about how it works.

Random cool thing: Along with making the wiimote shake when your hurt the screen also sorta shakes and freaks out and the red green blue layers that white is comprised of get shifted in different directions. I was going to mess up the screen in some other ways also but didn’t want to spend the time on it. I’m really happy with how that turned out but I’m kinda unsure how it will be received so let me know what you think of the effect.

Download Links for Wii version


4 Responses to 1bit Invaders – Wii

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  3. Jeremy says:

    any chance your code is opensource? if so could you send me a download link?

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