Music coming to Dance Clone

I know a music game without music is intensely lame but it wont be like that for too much longer.

I got mp3 audio working (thanks Arikado) and RekcahDam (the same person who made that great background music for TheyDoNotDie and who’s creations you can find at 8BitCollective and MySpace) is going to be making some music for the game.

5 Responses to Music coming to Dance Clone

  1. Olaf says:

    I’d love to use my GC/Wii dance mats on new songs, thanks for this project 🙂

  2. BEANS says:

    [happy] YES!!! 🙂 [/happy]

  3. BEANS says:

    When is it coming out? It’s been a while since this news 😦

    • thatotherdev says:

      I know I’m a horrible developer. I have a tendency to get bored and sidetracked. I returned to working on Dance Clone today and I’ve restarted it mostly from scratch but should have something to show for it in a day or two. Sorry I’ve been putting it off for so long.

  4. BEANS says:

    It’s okay I just wanted to know how the project was going. That’s great news :). Thanks

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