1bit Invaders

This is the beginnings of a 2D space shooter with destructible walls. You use the Wiimote to aim, the b button to shoot and the nunchuck analog stick to move. Shoot the round things that move towards you to survive and gain points. The wiimote vibrates when your being hurt. There is a lot left to be added and reworked but its functional at this point.

Along with having black and white monochrome visuals the sprites are also noticeably pixelated. I took the retro pretend low rez thing a lot less serious then I did with Pineapple Apocalypse RPG though. The sprites are even blockier but well Pineapple Apocalypse RPG stuck rigidly to its fake pseudo 320×240 resolution 1bit Invaders simply doesn’t. The sprites get placed at any appropriate position on screen and things move more smoothly then would be possible if everything was being actually rendered at the low resolution that the blocky sprites might suggest it is.

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  1. _Contra_ says:

    Hello, I am Contra: D

    I created a video for your Homebrew:

    Where do you serve others, for other homebrew or other versions.

    Send me a pm to my youtube channel:


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